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1280wallpapers's Journal

1280 Plus
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Who are we?
1280 Plus is a desktop wallpaper community for those of us with larger computer screens. It can be difficult to find wallpapers to fit our screens, so it's time to make a place for the ones we make.

Who can join?
Anyone can join, whether you make the wallpapers or would like to find some.

What kind of wallpapers can we post?
Pretty much any kind, but to cut down on drama, please do not post anything that would be considered "Not Work Safe". If you're not sure whether something is over the line, drop an email to the moderator at sreya(a)livejournal.com.

As for size, there must be a wallpaper in your set that is at least 1280 pixels wide. You can include smaller ones as well, or you may have larger sizes. But if your wallpapers are only smaller than this, please do not post them.

Any particular format to posting?
Use thumbnail images and links to the full-size wallpapers. Please provide ONE preview image, then put the remaining thumbnails behind a livejournal cut. For example:


640x480 : : 800x600 : : 1024x768
1280x854 : : 1280x960 : : 1280x1024

( More wallpapers behind the cut )

Can we link to our own journals?
Yes, but please provide at least one preview image, as per the format above.

Can we post requests?
Yes, but please do not post a request more than once. If you haven't gotten a response, it's probably because our members do not have the resources to make the wallpaper.

What about tags?
While we're still starting, please include "Suggested tags" in your post, and as I have time I'll add them to our tag list.